20th June 2019
Datatables Server Side Processing Using NodeJS & MySQL

Datatables Server Side Processing Using NodeJS & MySQL

Recently I was doing a NodeJS project while working on it, on one page I had to handle the data in the tabular format. To represent […]
1st June 2019

Generate OTP in Codeigniter & Send Via SMS

OTP (One Time Password) is used by every major or minor company around the world to verify their users. In the modern world, either web or […]
5th May 2019

Create URL Shortener in NodeJS

A URL shortener is a great way to share any links you want with your friends, families of followers. Nowadays you can find many URL shorteners […]
27th April 2019

REST API Authentication Using JSON Web Tokens(JWT) In Codeigniter

Nowadays REST APIs has become the industry def facto. If you build a mobile application then you need to make some kind of API to communicate […]
13th April 2019
PHP traits

PHP traits – Everything you need to know

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages for web development or rather I would say The most popular language. PHP is easy to learn […]
9th February 2019

ES10-ES2019 New Features For JavaScript Developers

JavaScript has become the fastest growing programming language in programming history. JavaScript has come out from the traditional browser DOM after the introduction of NodeJS in […]