7th June 2020

Codeigniter 4 Top 10 features

Hi fellow developers, Codeigniter 4 has arrived recently with some greatest & much-needed improvement.┬áCodeigniter 4 framework is completely rewritten & restructured & it’s not backward compatible. […]
1st June 2019

Generate OTP in Codeigniter & Send Via SMS

OTP (One Time Password) is used by every major or minor company around the world to verify their users. In the modern world, either web or […]
27th April 2019

REST API Authentication Using JSON Web Tokens(JWT) In Codeigniter

Nowadays REST APIs has become the industry de facto. If you build a mobile application then you need to make some kind of API to communicate […]
13th April 2019
PHP traits

PHP traits – Everything you need to know

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages for web development or rather I would say The most popular language. PHP is easy to learn […]
2nd February 2019
datatables tutotrial part 1

Learn Datatable with Codeigniter : The Ultimate Tutorial Part 1

Every web-based application collects many data from a user whether it is Business Application or any general web-based application. You need to display the data in […]
2nd February 2019

Learn Datatables with Codeigniter : The Ultimate Tutorial Part 2

In this tutorial, we will start learning some of the advanced concepts in the Datatables like server-side processing. This tutorial will be in continuation of part […]